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Yen Tu trekking journey

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Yen Tu is remembered in the hearts of Vietnamese people not only as a high mountain peak in the Northeast region but also as the origin of Buddhist stories. So the Yen Tu trekking journey is not only about conquering but also satisfying your passion, but going to the sacred land to fully feel the religion and life.

Tung Yen Tu Street
The Yen Tu trekking journey is not only about conquering but also satisfying your passion.

The road to Yen Tu mountain is nearly 6000m long from the foot of the mountain to the top, and along the way, people have to overcome thousands of stone steps and steep steep cliffs, sometimes encountering slippery roads, they You have to use a bamboo stick to keep your balance. But that doesn’t seem to discourage the pilgrims, they just go with a sincere heart and strong belief in the protection of the gods.

And start the journey of discovering Yen Tu mountain climbing from Giai Oan stream to Hoa Yen pagoda located at an altitude of 534m. Passing Hoa Yen pagoda a short distance, there is Mot Mai pagoda (also known as Ban Mai) whose name is Ban Thien Tu (the temple in the middle of the sky) lying precariously clinging to the back of the cliff. And the final destination is Dong Pagoda, located on the top of Yen Tu, 1,068 meters high, built in the Later Le Dynasty with the name Thien Truc Tu.

On each step, we admire the lyrical nature of spring. Somewhere, there is a soft murmuring stream, ancient trees with more than 700 years old, covered with a layer of green moss, like an old man sitting quietly in the middle of the mountains. Somewhere, there are bamboo forests, soaring Tung Street mixed with the pure white of apricot flowers. All paint a colorful spring picture, but also subtly the mysterious and wild style of a sacred land.

Then when setting foot on Yen Tu peak year-round covered in fog, suddenly surprised when the lyrical nature blends in the spiritual atmosphere. Walking around sightseeing, looking at people, feeling strangely calm, all troubles are like the wind blowing through the clouds.

By QMG Reporters