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Visiting Yen Tu in autumn

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The Yen Tu special national relic site, a famous spiritual tourism destination inQuang Ninh province, attracts tens of thousands of Buddhists and visitors every spring. Few people, however, know that the site also has a unique and stunning beauty during the autumn season.

With its peak at 1,068m above sea level, Yen Tu is renowned for its beautiful natural landscape and cultural heritage, called the anscestral land of Truc Lam Zen Buddhism in Vietnam.

At Yen Tu, visitors are able to not only admire the temples and towers stretching from Trinh pagoda to the top of the mountain, but also enjoy the romantic scenery, the grandeur of the pipe and bamboo forests.

Autumn sunshine
The autumn sky
The spring of Giai Oan
Autumn leaves
The pagoda of Hoa Yen
The yellow forest
The way to Dong (Bronze) pagoda
Yen Tu - a place to unlock one's inner peace.

By QMG Reporters