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The colour of culture in Tien Yen pedestrian street

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Having been launched since 2017, Tien Yen pedestrian streets provide visitors with an exceptional sense of being immersed in the indigenous culture of ethnic people in the northeastern area of Quang Ninh province.

Historically, the town of Tien Yen was established in the beginning of the 20th century. There remains about 40 ancient houses and facilities showcasing the mixture of Chinese and French architecture. 

As a move to preserve and uphold cultural values, the first walking street opened in Tien Yen in August, 2017 and has currently become an appealing attraction and excellent cultural products of the ethnic minority people in the locality. Operating on every weekend and during holidays, the walking street includes 3 main areas including a folk culture region, a merchandizing space and a range of traditional cuisine stalls at Ly Thuong Kiet road and Hoa Binh road.

Từ lâu bà con dân tộc thiểu số đã coi đây là sân chơi của mình
Ethnic minority people performed at the street
Trẻ trung và duyên dáng
The beauty of ethnic minority girl in a traditional costume.

Ở một đoạn phố, các thanh niên vui nhộn nhảy sạp

Chị em phụ nữ Dao trổ tài đi cà kheo
Lots of folk games are held on the treet.
Phụ nữ Tày thì thể hiện mình qua điệu múa với cây đàn tính
Tay people dance with "Tinh" musical instrument.
Trẻ trung các cô gái Sán Chỉ
Little San Chi girls

Làm dáng với chiếc ô

Đâu đó là các chàng trai cô gái Dao, cùng cùng check in những bức ảnh ở phố đi bộ
Dao youngsters take check-in photos together.

By Cong Thanh