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The ancient red pine lines on the holy mountain of Yen Tu

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The red pine trees, about 700 years old, have always been a part of Yen Tu, a complex of temples, small pagodas, towers, ancient forests and beautiful landscapes, which are considered the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism.

The red pine trees, about 700 years old, have always been a part of Yen Tu.

Most pine trees are located on the way from Giai Oan Pagoda to Hoa Yen, a route of pilgrimage. ccording to the management board of Yen Tu National Forest and Relic Site, 230 pine trees standing on its both sides are under careful protection. Their roots have the average diameter of 0.3-1.1 meters and the height of 4.9-24 meters, forming the most ancient tree trails in Vietnam.

Legend has it that King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong together with his disciples and other generations of Zen practitioners of Truc Lam sect planted those trees here and in many places on Yen Tu mountain. This kind of tree symbolizes the intense vitality and the righteous temperament of gentlemen.

The path of ancient red pine trees has become a treasure of Yen Tu Relic for ages. Walking between two rows of trees, visitors are able to enjoy the fresh, cool and sacred atmosphere.

Yen Tu mountain is located about 50km from Ha Long city. The pilgrimage route, winding from the foot of the mountain to its highest peak, is almost 30km. Dong Pagoda, which sits atop the mountain peak, is more than a kilometre above sea level.

The area’s beautiful natural landscape and awe-inspiring scenery, along with surrounding ancient pagodas and hermitages, are said to have been the reason that King Tran Nhan Tong passed the throne to his son, so that he could devote his life living as a Buddhist monk at Yen Tu Mountain. Whilst there, he founded the Truc Lam Zen Buddhist sect, which has led to Yen Tu being recognized as the country’s leading center for Buddhism.

By Manh Truong