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Self-drive tours between Vietnam and China to resume

Tuesday, 31/10/2023 | 17:00:26 [GMT +7] A  A

Quang Ninh has recently approved a pilot programme on the management of personal vehicles from China to the border city of Mong Cai and vice versa through the Mong Cai International Border Gate.

Cán bộ Ban Quản lý kiểm tra trình tự thực hiện thủ tục tại Cửa khẩu.
Officers of the Mong Cai International Border Gate Management Board undergo necessary procedures at the border gate.

Previously, the tours of this kind were piloted in September 2016. Until 2019, the time before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, there had been 35 cars carrying 108 Vietnamese tourists to China, and 424 with 1,443 Chinese visitors to Vietnam.

The latest programme is scheduled to last until September 30, 2026. Accordingly, Vietnamese tourists are allowed to drive 600 kilometres into China on the route from Mong Cai, Dongxing, Fangcheng, Liuzhou to Guiline. The cars must undergo sufficient procedures and get documents granted by the Chinese authorities, and follow the lead vehicles from the Chinese side.

Khu vực du khách làm thủ tục và luồng kiểm soát nhập cảnh tự động.
The check-in area at Mong Cai International Border Gate area.

Meanwhile, Chinese visitors are able to enter Vietnam's Mong Cai city and Ha Long city, and not allowed to stop at military zones and other restricted areas.

Cars with nine seats or less coming for tourism purposes are eligible to engage in the pilot programme. They must be examined by competent authorities of both sides, get transport licenses, have logo of tour organisers, and follow a predetermined route.

Cán bộ biên phòng kiểm tra hoạt động các trang thiết bị tại luồng kiểm soát nhập cảnh tự động.
Border guards check equipment at the automatic entry control area.

Each group must not exceed 10 automobiles, and is not allowed to stay more than five days for a travel permit. An extension of maximum three days are available in case of broken vehicles and traffic accidents with recognition from relevant authorities.

Các biển báo hướng dẫn di chuyển, đỗ xe tự lái đã được lắp đặt.
Traffic sign posts have been installed.

The border city of Mong Cai is striving to attract around 1.5 tourist arrivals visitors, including over 500,000 foreign ones, by the end of 2023. The city has strengthened the links between ecological tourism sites and promoted maritime and border mountain tourism routes. A range of incentive policies have issued with a view to attracting more investors to local tourism and will organize tourism, cultural, and sports activities to attract more tourists.

By Hoang Quynh