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Removing obstacles to production and business must be prioritised: PM

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Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh asked ministries, agencies and localities to prioritise removing obstacles to production and business while chairing a teleconference between the Government and localities, and a regular cabinet meeting in Hanoi on July 4.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the meeting. (Photo: NDO)

Given a host of challenges ahead, the leader called on ministries, agencies and localities to be resolved to maintain the macro-economy, control inflation and ensure major economic balances.

According to the PM, in June and the first six months of this year, the government focused on instructing the implementation of resolutions and conclusions of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the National Assembly.

The government also paid attention to the building and perfection of institutions and laws, with five thematic meetings on law-building held, and various documents, resolutions, decisions and dispatches issued, he said.

Notably, 25 working groups, comprising of cabinet members, had direct working sessions with localities and handled 300 out of 1,000 petitions, and they are working on the remainder, the leader said.

He stressed that thanks to the drastic engagement of the entire political system, people and the business community, and under the Party's leadership, the national socio-economic situation in June continued to show rosy trends, with many fields posting results better than the previous month and the first five months, saying generally, the second quarter is better than the first.

"Many reputable international organisations continue to forecast Vietnam as one of the countries with a high growth rate in the region and the world. Credit rating agencies also maintain and upgrade Vietnam's national credit rating," PM Chinh said.

He straightforwardly pointed to existing difficulties and obstacles, such as lower-than-expected economic growth, challenges faced by businesses, job losses, and reduced working hours. Disciplines and regulations have yet to be strictly enforced while many officials and civil servants showed fear of making mistakes and taking responsibilities.

Regarding tasks for July and the third quarter, he asked ministries, agencies and localities to prioritise spurring growth in parallel with maintaining the macro economy and ensuring people’s living standards, continue rolling out the monetary policy proactively, flexibly and effectively, and combine it with the fiscal policy, while raising production capacity of the national economy.

The above-said working groups need to work harder to review the settlement of petitions, and settle newly-emerging issues in a timely manner, the PM said, adding that administrative procedures should be further streamlined to create favourable conditions for people and businesses.

He also urged boosting the three growth engines of investment, consumption and export; seeking new markets and orders; paying more heed to social welfare; promoting culture, health care, education-training, science-technology, environmental protection, energy transition, green growth and circular economy; strengthening the fight against corruption and negative phenomena; maintaining the political-social stability, consolidating national defence and security, and stepping up foreign affairs and international integration.

Important and urgent issues in the planning work must be handled in a timely and effective manner, PM Chinh went on, adding that the information work should be strengthened, especially the dissemination of policies, thus contributing to raising public consensus.

The government leader also assigned specific tasks to People’s Committees of centrally-run cities and provinces, the State Bank of Vietnam, ministries, groups and corporations.

Source: Nhan Dan