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Nearly 2,000 people perform yoga at Summer Yoga Festival

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A mass yoga performance gathering nearly 2,000 people took place at Dragon Park in Ha Long city on May 26 as part of the Summer Yoga Festival.

Gần 2000 người đồng diễn Yoga tại Festival Yoga mùa hè 2024
Nearly 2,000 people perform yoga at Summer Yoga Festival

The performance was organised in response to International Day of Yoga, which falls on June 21.

The Summer Yoga Festival 2024 also aims to communicate the message of a positive and peaceful lifestyle, and to promote the practice of regular physical exercise and sports by bringing balance to the mind and relieving stress.

It also provides an opportunity to build connections within the community, thereby raising the awareness of the importance of keeping fit and maintaining good health.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old physical, mental, and spiritual practice originating in India which aims to transform both the body and mind. June 21 has been declared by the UN General Assembly Resolution 69/131 as International Day of Yoga.

Các đại biểu thực hiện nghi thức thắp lửa truyền thống
Delegates carry out the traditional fire-lighting ritual.
Màn đồng diễn Yoga với gần 2000 người tham gia bên bờ Vịnh Hạ Long – Kỳ quan di sản thiên nhiên thế giới.
2,000 people participate in a mass yoga performance on the bank of Ha Long Bay.
Nhiều hoạt động hấp dẫn tại Festival Yoga năm 2024
The festival aims to celebrate Yoga International Day (June 21).

By Thu Nguyen