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Government issues resolution on accelerating sustainable tourism development

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Restructuring the tourism market, with a focus on the market with high affordability, is one of the key contents in Resolution 82 issued by the Government on May 18.

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Resolution No.82/ND-CP, on the main tasks and solutions to accelerate the recovery and effective and sustainable development of the tourism industry, was promulgated yesterday.

The resolution states that although Vietnam has fully resumed tourism activities from March 15, 2022, the country’s tourism industry still has many limitations and problems that need to be resolved.

The legal corridor for attracting investment in tourism has not been effective and the market strategy and promotion policy have not been adjusted in time to current changes. In addition, tourism products lack diversity while accommodation, commerce, and transportation services have not yet formed an economic ecosystem.

In particular, the visa policy for international visitors has revealed inadequacies, including short duration of stay, while tourism promotion activities remain limited.

With the motto “Excellent products - Professional services - Convenient and simple procedures - Competitive prices - Clean and beautiful environment - Safe, civilized and friendly destination”, Vietnam aims to turn tourism into a spearhead economic sector and strives to enter the group of 30 countries with the world’s top tourism competitiveness.

The Government requires ministries and sectors to simultaneously implement specific solutions with the focus on restructuring the tourism market towards professionalism, modernity, and sustainability, facilitating immigration activities, and bringing airfares to the market price, among others.

Source: Nhan Dan