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Co To: 8.000 tourists returned to mainland ahead storm

Tuesday, 18/07/2023 | 11:52:15 [GMT +7] A  A

After the People’s Committee of Co To district informed tourists about the storm, 42 ships departed, carrying more than 8.000 visitors to the mainland.

Đông đảo du khách tới du lịch Cô Tô trong 5 tháng đầu năm 2022.
Tourists are on their way to return to the mainland.

Together with ensuring the safety of visitors, Co To district promptly notified vessel and boat owners and captains operating at sea about the storm's location, movement, and safe routes to follow. 

216 vehicles have so far returned to safe shelters, while 209 vehicles are continuing to move to shelters.

Đồn Biên phòng đảo Trần tuyên truyền vận động người dân chủ động ứng phó với bão số 1 Talim. Ảnh: Trung tầm TT-VH Cô Tô.
The Tran Island Border Guard Station remind local people to actively respond to Typhoon No. 1.

The district also organised comprehensive monitoring and strict management of ship and boat sailings, maintaining regular communication with vessels in the storm-affected area. They conducted inspections and provided guidance on safe anchorage for ships and boats. They also had rescue forces and resources readily available to promptly respond to any adverse situations that may arise. 

As of 7 am on July 17, Talim was located at about 290 kilometres to the east-southeast of China’s Leizhou Peninsula, packing winds of up to 133 kilometres per hour, according to the national weather service.

In the next 24 hours, the storm is forecast to move west-northwest at the speed of 15-20 kilometres per hour and hit the Vietnamese mainland later on July 18, before weakening to a tropical depression.

By Hoang Quynh