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Brilliantly coloured Moc Mien Flower

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The Moc Mien flower, known as Bombax ceiba in Latin, has made some streets in Quang Yen town more colorful and poetic.

Red silk cotton flower is also known as "Moc Mien" bloom at the end of spring, which is also the season of birds mating. It is also known as "Po-lang"in the Central Highlands.

Dưới gốc gạo già.
The red silk cotton flower has become a part of children's childhood.
Khung trời tháng ba.
Theses flowers bloom at the end of spring.

nét đẹp của cây hoa trăm tuổi.

Ngõ nhỏ mộc miên.
Not as garish as other kinds of flowers, red silk cotton flowers own a rustic beauty.
Bên sắc hoa.
It attracts a lot of people to come and take photos.
sắc đỏ diệu kì
It is not difficult to see the red silk cotton flowers in full red blossom brightening up the sky.

By Vu Bich Cuong