Fri, 8th Dec 2023 09:02 (GMT +7)

Binh Lieu in the ripen rice season

Wednesday, 25/10/2023 | 16:49:30 [GMT +7] A  A

Binh Lieu yellow season festival is taking place to honour the ethnic traditional cultures and natural beauty of the border district of Binh Lieu.

The “Hoi mua vang” (yellow season festival) includes a variety of activities for participants to get immersed in local cultures and explore the beauty of the terraced fields during the ripening rice season such us a running race, com moi (new rice) worshiping ceremony, a pageant for most beautiful girl in traditional costume, a paragliding programme and an ethnic women’s football tournament, etc.

Com moi (new rice) worshiping ceremony
"Stand up paddle boarding" (SUP) programs on rivers in Binh Lieu.


Traditional costumes of ethinic minorities in Binh Lieu
The charming beauty of terraced fields attracts lots of visitors.
The ethnic women’s football tournament
Folk games
The opening ceremony was held at Luc Hon commune on October 21.
The performance of Dao Thanh Phan traditional wedding
An excellent aodai show
The 2023 Culture-Tourism Week and the Binh Lieu Yellow Season Festival is the message of a beautiful district with historical traditions and cultural identities.

By Duy Khoa