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Ba Che promotes eco-tourism to preserve culture

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Ba Che district is home to 27,430 people of various ethnic groups including the Dao, Tay, Hoa, San Chi and Cao Lan. Every form of culture bears a distinctive character, clearly expressing the requirements and special characteristics of their way of life. It is what remains special and mysterious in the villages and hamlets where they live.

Một góc xã Đồn Đạc nhìn từ trên cao.
An aerial view of a commune in Ba Che district

Since March 2016, the province has approved two main tourism routes in the district. The first one covers Ba Che Town and Nam Son Commune (over 7km) while the second one links Thanh Son, Thanh Lam and Dap Thanh communes.

The first route focuses on spiritual tourism destinations like Mieu Ong, Mieu Ba (temples dedicated to the God and Goddess) and ancient ceramic kilns.

Tourists can also take a cruise on the Co Ngua River.

The second route has been developed with eco-tourism in mind, offering experiences with local ethnic minority communities. Tourists can enjoy natural scenery at Khe Lanh and Khe Lung waterfalls in Thanh Son Commune; Da Village Communal House in Thanh Lam Commune and the Golden Camellia farm in Dap Thanh Commune.

The historical site lies on the bank of Ba Che river.
The historical site of Mieu Ong-Mieu Ba (temples dedicated to the God and Goddess) lies on the bank of Ba Che river.

Ba Che District is focusing on developing festivals associated with the communal house and pagoda system, such as the Ban Vuong Festival, Mieu Ong-Mieu Ba Festival and Lang Da communal house festival.

During the festivals, visitors can experience ritual ceremonies, fire dancing, brocade embroidery, pao dung singing, a five-colour sticky rice cooking contest and activities imbued with the identities of the Dao, Tay, and San Chay ethnic groups in Ba Che.

In recent years, festivals have not only met people's spiritual needs but also developed tourism, attracting tourists from inside and outside the province.

By QMG Reporters