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Attractive Tien Yen pedestrian street

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Having been launched since 2017, Tien Yen pedestrian streets provide visitors with an exceptional sense of being immersed in the indigenous culture of ethnic people in the northeast of Quang Ninh province.

Nhiều hoạt động văn nghệ, thể dục, thể thao được trình diễn tại phố đi bộ Tiên Yên
A joyful atmosphere

There remains about 40 ancient houses and facilities showcasing the mixture of Chinese and French architecture. 

As a move to preserve and uphold cultural values, the first walking street opened in Tien Yen in August, 2017 and has currently become an appealing attraction and excellent cultural products of the ethnic minority people in the locality. Operating on every weekend and during holidays, the walking street includes 3 main areas including a folk culture region, a merchandizing space and a range of traditional cuisine stalls at Ly Thuong Kiet road and Hoa Binh road.                 

Góc trang phục dân tộc được đưa vào phố đi bộ trong năm 2023
A corner features the beauty of traditional customes.

Visiting the walking street, locals and tourists will experience interesting folkgames such as stilt walking, bamboo dancing, skipping, pot breaking and special art performances.

The district has invested in building tourism infrastructure such as a road to get Pac Sui waterfall, Tay ethnic culture village, experiential tourism models in Hai Lang and Dong Rui mangrove forests...

It can be seen that Tien Yen pedestrian street has become a unique tourism product of the locality. Walking street activities actively contribute to preserving and promoting the local cultural identities as well as boosting its tourism sector.

Các trò chơi dân tộc thu hút đông đảo du khách người dân tham gia trên phố đi bộ Tiên Yên

Các bạn nhỏ thích thú khi đến với phố đi bộ Tiên Yên được chơi các trò chơi dân gian
Many children find it exciting to join folk games.

By Tran Hoan