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“Village night festival” features local identities

Wednesday, 09/08/2023 | 11:57:07 [GMT +7] A  A

The cultural program named “village night festival” performing various rituals of Dao Thanh Y minor ethinic people takes place at Nuong village on the foot of Yen Tu mountain every evening, attracting lots of tourists immersing themselves in local culture.

The cultural program performs various rituals of Dao Thanh Y minor ethinic people.
The cultural program performs various traditional rituals.

The program organized by Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company aims to showcase unique cutural customs of Dao Thanh Y people living in this area.

Tourists have a chance to observe a festive day to celebrate a finished crops and welcome new crops with new hope for success and prosperity.

During the ceremony, a priest performs sacred rituals praying for a peaceful and happy village.

After the praying ritual, locals and travellers altogether play some intersting folk games such as folk chess, still throwing, tug of war, stick pushing, walking on stilts and then singing together.

Nghi thức múa gà của người Dao Thanh Y.
The ritual of chicken dancing
Du khách tham gia trò chơi dân gian nhảy dây cùng các nghệ nhân.
Tourists join various folk games.

By Pham Hoc