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Vietnamese culture showcased in France

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Almost a thousand French children have had the opportunity to understand Vietnamese culture through activities organised by 25 Vietnamese students from the US, UK, Australia, Việt Nam and France.

France-based association Art Space is organising a series of events to present Vietnamese culture at Carre International Cultural Centre in the city of Saint Herblain, France.

The event will include an international exhibit and workshops titled "Connections" presenting paintings from the children of Việt Nam as well as 20 other countries. It will also feature a collection entitled Dreaming Hội An by young artist Thảo Nguyên, with vibrant and vivid photos of the ancient town.

The project also includes workshops to explore Vietnamese culture and heritage at primary and middle schools such as Grand Bois, Jacqueline Auriol, Blanche de Castille, and Gutenberg in the cities of Nantes and Saint-Herblain, France.

Almost a thousand French children have had the opportunity to understand Vietnamese culture through activities organised by 25 Vietnamese students from the US, UK, Australia, Việt Nam and France.

French students are excited to discover Vietnamese culture. Photo Courtesy of Art Space

The programme is part of the Toucher Arts project, which includes a series of seminars, concerts, exhibitions and workshops on Vietnamese culture at schools in France from June 20 to July 3, 2023. The event celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations and 10 years of strategic partnership between Việt Nam and France.

Toucher Arts is hosted by Art Space Association, in cooperation with the Vietnam Bretagne Sud Association and APPEL Lorient Association. The project contributes to spreading Vietnamese culture to the world and also raises funds to help disadvantaged and disabled children in Việt Nam.

At primary and secondary schools in the city of Saint-Herblain, students came together to promote Vietnamese culture to their peers, offering an engaging approach to discovering the vibrant tapestry of Vietnamese customs and heritage.

Children experienced folk games such as the Cheraw dance and lion dancing, and learned about Vietnamese childhood toys like bamboo stilts, star lanterns, and bamboo dragonflies.

They also learned about Mid-Autumn Festival and the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Teachers and staff participated in making star lanterns and red envelopes for lucky money.

Mr. Driss Saïd, vice mayor of Saint Herblain city (far left) with Hoàng Thu Trang, head of the organising committee (second left) and event attendees. Photo Courtesy of Art Space

The exhibition encourages young art lovers to convey their thoughts about a world with strong connections and bonds, thereby expressing their desire for peace and friendship. The organisers of the "Connections" exhibition have received hundreds of paintings from Vietnamese children in Việt Nam and France.

They also received entries from elsewhere in Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and Africa. Two hundred paintings were selected for display at the exhibition at Carré International. In addition, all submitted paintings will be introduced on the online exhibition at

Exhibition participants can experience Vietnamese culture through calligraphy, decorating bamboo trays and creatinging Đông Hồ paintings.

All activities are free of charge and all paintings on display are up for auction with the funds used to help disadvantaged, orphaned and disabled children in Việt Nam.

Mr. Driss Saïd, Vice Mayor of Saint Herblain, said "I'm always happy to attend the events organised by Art Space, especially when their activities focus on promoting friendly relations between Việt Nam and France through cultural activities.

"I'm also excited to have learned more about Việt Nam, a country with a rich and beautiful culture. I encourage people in Saint Herblain to participate in this interesting event to learn more about Vietnamese culture."

Source: Vietnam News