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Truong Sa Archipelago in the hearts of Vietnamese youngsters

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The proud journey entitled “Students with the Fatherland’s sea and islands 2023” has helped nearly 200 outstanding delegates of the Vietnamese Students' Association and outstanding students become more mature in their thinking and lifestyle through unforgettable experiences.

The delegates meet and exchange with children in Truong Sa Island district, Khanh Hoa Province.

In the swishing sound of sea waves in the middle of the Fatherland sky and sea of early June, Truong Sa (Spratly) town (Truong Sa District, Khanh Hoa Province) welcomed special guests from the mainland. They are hundreds of excellent young people with a series of projects and initiatives for the home seas and islands. They put hands on their chests and sang the National Anthem solemnly and proudly while basking in the characteristic sunshine of the offshore outpost.

President of the Students' Association of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Physical Education and Sports Vo Nguyen Hoang Da, one of the participants in the voyage, emotionally shared: “For a third-year student, coming to Truong Sa is a blessing and an honour that not everyone can have. Having the opportunity to meet the officers and soldiers who are guarding the Fatherland's sea and sky round the clock, bringing the youth to the islands, and especially taking part in the events at Truong Sa Archipelago, were undoubtedly the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences of my life.”

Like Hoang Da, through the Truong Sa voyage was organised by the Vietnamese Students' Association, each representative was conscious that: patriotism, national pride, knowledge, creativity and good health are important prerequisites leading to adulthood and serving the Fatherland. “I will never forget the moment when I heard the 10 honour oaths of the People's Army of Vietnam echoing through the sky and sea of Truong Sa”, said President of the Students Association of the Academy of Finance Vu Thi Ngoc.

There are always young soldiers with pride and undaunted spirit, and also resilient fishermen persevering at sea to serve national socio-economic development. And now, Truong Sa has the imprint of the students’ contributions and construction.

For the first time, there was a voyage with nearly 200 students visiting Truong Sa Island district and DK1 Rigs. Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, with youthful enthusiasm, those representatives carried out all the voyage's missions.

Throughout the voyage, the representatives visited, encouraged and presented many works and gifts with a total value of 1.8 billion VND to officers, soldiers and people of Song Tu Tay, Sinh Ton, Da Tay A, Truong Sa Islands and the DK1/2 Phuc Tan rig. They also jointly organised many first-time activities in Truong Sa Island district such as the "Student with the sea and the islands of the Fatherland" art exhibition, the running race "For dear Truong Sa", and the "Youth song journey" art programme. These activities will initiate a series of student sports and art events across the country in the upcoming months.

Commenting on the success of the voyage, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union Central Committee and President of the Vietnamese Students Association Nguyen Minh Triet stated that the voyage activities have proven the inseparability between the mainland and Truong Sa Archipelago. With valuable practical experiences, voyage representatives will connect personal pride with great pride in the Fatherland's excellent progeny at the tip of the waves and the winds when contributing to projects that will stand forever in Truong Sa.

It is believed that after the voyage, each representative will continue devoting themselves to Truong Sa development by specific actions, and also become ambassadors spreading the love for the Fatherland, the sea, and the islands to all.

Source: Nhan Dan