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Tran Dynasty's Thai Mieu temple festival 2024 opens

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The festival of Tran Dynasty's Thai Mieu temple was organized at An Sinh commune in Dong Trieu town on February 27, or the 18th day of the first lunar month.

Rước nước về Thái miếu.
The procession ritual

Thai Mieu, also known as Thai temple, is located on Dinh hill at Trai Loc village, An Sinh commune. The temple worships the ancestors of the Tran dynasty and the Tran kings, one of the important relic site in the complex of Tran Dynasty Special National Monument in Dong Trieu.  

The temple was recognised as being a national historical monument in 1962, as well as a special national monument in 2013. The Thai Mieu temple festival of the Tran Dynasty was later restored in 2019. Since then it has been held annually from the 18th to 20th days of the first lunar month.

The opening ceremony involved a ritual to pray for national peace and prosperity, an incense offering ceremony, etc. The event also features a range of traditional cultural activities and folk games such as a lion and dragon dance, tug of war, etc. 

The festival is scheduled to last until February 29, or the 20th day of the first lunar month.

Nghi thức lấy nước từ hồ Trại Lốc để rước về Thái Miếu.
Water is brought from Trai Loc lake to the temple.

Nghi lễ đánh trống và thỉnh chuông khai hội.
The beating of a drum kicks off the festival.

Quang cảnh lễ khai hội.

Đại biểu dâng hương tưởng nhớ công đức các vua Trần.
The opening ceremony involves a ritual in order to pray for national peace and prosperity, as well as an incense offering ceremony.

By Pham Hoc