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Tien Yen taps local ethnic cultures for tourism development

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Community-based tourism in Tien Yen has drawn more attention from tourists and travel agencies recently. Almost all visitors find it amuzing to be merged into cultural festivals held all year around or experience the joyful astmosphere of Tien Yen ancient streets at night.

The traditional dance of San Chi people was performed at the 2023 Northeastern Cultural and Sports Festival.

Tien Yen also has diverse cultural resources featuring unique characteristics of 10 ethnic groups. It is home to 5 historical sites recognized  and ranked at the provincial level (Khe Giao, Road No. 4, Khe Tu, Hon Ngo, and An Long Pagoda),1 tourist route and 5 tourist attractions recognized at the provincial level. 

There are also a series of beautiful architectural works and historical relics of great value such as Tien Yen ancient Town, the temple of  Hoang Can (Hai Lang Commune), Quan Am pagoda (Tien Lang Commune), Linh Quang pagoda (Tien Yen town), etc. 

The display of embrodering techniques at Ha Lau highland market.

Also, a range of traditional festivals developed by ethnic peope communities and passed on from generation to generation include the cultural and sports festivals of San Chi, Tay, San Diu, Dao ethnic groups, the traditional boat racing festival and many other typical events, festivals and competitions.

These activities promote the distinct value of the cultural identities of the ethnic groups in the area in particular and the Northeast region of Quang Ninh province in general.

Tourists experience the joyful astmosphere of Tien Yen ancient streets at night.

The preservation and promotion of the cultural values has recently been the district’s top priority and important task which requires the participation of the entire political system, contributing to enriching the community’s cultural life.

By Ta Quan