Fri, 8th Dec 2023 10:36 (GMT +7)

Thousands of people took part in a parade at Quang Ninh’s grand ceremony

Monday, 30/10/2023 | 10:33:42 [GMT +7] A  A

Titled "The glorious song of October", the parade in the ceremony celebrating the 60th founding anniversary of Quang Ninh province left great impressions on locals and visitors.

At the forefront of the parade was the procession of the national emblem - the symbol of the nation and people. The procession expressed the pride, will, aspirations, and everlasting strength of the Vietnamese people.
The procession of the national flag which is the soul of the Vietnamese nation, an inviolable sacred symbol, expressing the ideals, beliefs, bravery, intelligence, mettle, and strength of the great national unity.
The procession of portraits of President Ho Chi Minh - the genius leader of the Vietnamese revolution and the beloved Father of the armed forces and people of all ethnic groups in Vietnam.

The symbol of 60 years of Quang Ninh's foundation and development
Parade of officers and soldiers of the armed forces.
Female soldiers of the Provincial Military Command.
Male Officers of Brigade 170 (under Naval Region 1)
Brigade 147
Regiment 213, Division 363, Air Defense Force
female Traffic Police officers, Quang Ninh Provincial Police
 Mobile Police officers
The delegation of great national solidarity
Colorful traditional costumes of different ethnic groups
Marching groups: Intellectuals- Farmers- Workers- Businessmen
Quang Ninh youth union
Quang Ninh women
Artists, actors and actresses
Teachers and educational staff
Doctors and health workers
State officials

The parade was welcomed by lots of locals and visitors.

By Minh Ha