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The forest of “sea flowers” at Crescent lagoon

Friday, 17/02/2023 | 11:41:50 [GMT +7] A  A

The lagoon of Crescent is located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay and surrounded by a range of high arc mountains. This area is renowned for biodiversity preservation, clean environment, and remarkable coral reefs.

The diversity of species and colors of corals and the quantity of creatures living around these reefs are considered positive signs of coral recovery and environmental improvement in Ha Long Bay.

The lagoon enclosed with mountains appears to be a favorable environment to preserve high biodiversity.
Coral reefs expose at low tide. Divers are surveying and collecting samples in coral reefs.
Just below the water's edge, divers can observe countless soft and hard coral reefs, stretching along the foot of the mountain range.
Owing to positive changes in the ecological environment and the clarity of the sea water, Galaxea corals have grown in strips quite strongly, creating a fanciful beauty on the seabed.
Mushroom corals are in the shape of beautiful water balloons swaying with the waves.
Sea flowers are blooming under the water.
Interestingly, various types of hard corals have also recovered, luring many fish and other creatures.
Hydra, a stunning kind of coral, shows their brilliant colors in the coral reefs at Crescent lagoon.

By Ha Phong