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The colour of spring

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Spring flower market and festival are specific features of Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year Festival (Tet). The 2024 Spring Flower Fair to celebrate the Lunar New Year taking place in various localities in the province has attracted lots of visitors.

Spring flower fair in Dong Trieu town
The fair’s space is arranged into areas showcasing flowers, ornamental plants, bonsais, ornamental fruits, and miniature gardens.

Pink peach blossom
Kumquat trees - enduring symbol of Tet 
Small kumquat pots
The fair gathers the participation of hundreds of businesses working in the plant and flower growing sector.
Peach trees with diverse forms
The pink color brightens the space.
The flower fair in Uong Bi city
Local people look happy in this festive atmosphere.
Yellow apricot trees
A girl in a traditional costume
Ha Long flower fair
The fair is an annual event to welcome the spring and the lunar New Year.
A precious peach tree
Sắc thắm của hoa đào làm cho sắc xuân thêm rực rỡ.
Bright pink peach blossoms
Shining smile at the flower fair
A kumquat tree with many fruits makes a house brighter and warmer, especially in the cold weather in the north.
There are also various kinds of flowers with countless colors.
The flower fair in Quang Yen town
The fair in Mong Cai city
At the square of Mong Cai centre for Communications and Cuture
People look so delighted in spring.

By Minh Duc