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Sung Sot and Luon listed among Vietnam’s most well-known caves: CNN

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US-based multinational news channel CNN has praised nine Vietnamese caves, including the two caves of Sung Sot (Surprise) and Luon in Ha Long Bay.

Sung Sot cave is likened to a cave of wonders.

Sung Sot (Surprise) cave and Luon cave were rated as strangely beautiful by CNN. While Sung Sot cave is likened to a cave of wonders, Luon cave attracts tourists due to its distinctive and impressive structures.

Six caves in Quang Binh province namely Son Doong, En, Va, Nuoc Nut, Tu Lan and Thien Duong (Paradise) caves are also included in the list.

Sung Sot Cave is one of the biggest, most beautiful caves in Halong Bay and a highlight on most Halong Bay itineraries. The cave can be found on the island of Bo Hon, along with another popular Halong cave, Trinh Nu. From the dock below, visitors must climb 50 stairs to the grotto’s mouth, which is just 25 meters above the sea. Sung Sot Cave is divided into two chambers; the first chamber, known as the “Waiting Room” is vast, adorned by stalagmites and stalactites and lit by multicolored lights positioned to complement the chamber’s structural beauty.

In order to reach the second chamber, visitors must walk down a narrow passageway. The second chamber is known as the “Serene Castle”. This chamber is large and grand with an extremely high ceiling and has many interesting rock formations which locals identify by likening them to animals due to their shapes.

Luon Cave is a part of Bo Hon Island, which is about 14 kilometers from the mainland of Bai Chay City. Known as the island of amazing things, Bo Hon Island is an outstanding location in Halong Bay that most tourists choose as a nextstop on their way discovering Halong Bay.

The surrounding area of Luon Cave comprises a lot of well-known places of interest in Halong Bay. In front of Luon Cave is Con Rua Island (Turtle Island), and on the right of this cave is the Heaven Gate. Not only that, in the area of Bo Hon Island is Sung Sot Cave, which is the most magnificent cave in Halong Bay. Tien Cave and Trinh Nu Cave are also famous caves in Halong Bay in the area near Luon Cave.

By Nguyen Thom