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Quang Ninh enhances the value of exemplary agricultural products

Tuesday, 28/11/2023 | 08:47:58 [GMT +7] A  A

Besides the One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme, over the past few years, Quang Ninh has introduced various measures to promote agricultural production and encourage farmers to employ science and technology to enhance the quality of their products and expand market access.

Many of Quang Ninh Province's agricultural products have been welcomed by consumers.

To raise the value of its agricultural products to meet market demands, Quang Ninh has stepped up the development of key traditional products in a way that meets the quantity requirement, increases value, and satisfies high export requirements and international standards.

Along with the strategy to change the production methods and packaging, the province continues to take advantage of current policies to promote support for farming households in specialised cultivation areas.

Le Manh Quy, Director of Quy Hoa Company in Hai Ha District, attributed the five-star rating of his company’s yellow-flower tea to Quang Ninh’s support in building brands, applying technology and facilitating the company’s participation in domestic and international trade fairs. This motivates the company to enhance production and quality, helping to bring agricultural products closer to consumers, creating jobs and contributing to the local budget.

To enhance the value of local agricultural products, Binh Lieu District has introduced many measures to promote production and commerce and frequently reviews and enhances the product quality and operation of those involved in the OCOP programme.

In 2023, Binh Lieu strives to develop at least two new products and have three more products rated with three stars and one product meeting the five-star requirements.

Dam Ha District is one of the localities striving to become a key agricultural production region of Quang Ninh Province. In 2021, the district had two products honoured as the province’s outstanding agricultural products: Tan Binh duck eggs and Dam Ha chicken. In 2023, Dam Ha continues to have three more products nominated as Quang Ninh’s outstanding agricultural products.

Chairman of the Dam Ha Farmers Association Nguyen Hong Thanh, shared that the programme to honour outstanding agricultural products has received great attention from local enterprises and cooperatives, adding that the programme has affirmed the quality of local agricultural products.

Nguyen Van Manh, Director of the Nam Duoc Y Vo Company in Uong Bi City, said his company has two medicinal products honoured as Quang Ninh’s outstanding agricultural products in 2023. These medicinal products are made from local ingredients and rated as three-star and four-star products of Quang Ninh Province. Such products have been distributed to many drugstores and supermarkets throughout the country.

Recently, Quang Ninh has actively supported enterprises and cooperatives to enhance the promotion of their products on social media platforms and e-commerce websites, such as Tiki, Lazada and Voso.

Along with the programme to build new rural areas, the OCOP programme has helped Quang Ninh restructure its agriculture, contributed substantially to its economic growth and increased the income of the local rural community.

Source: Nhan Dan