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More than 15,000 students attend the entrance exam to high school

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Students in ninth grade in Quang Ninh started to take the first test in their high-school entrance examinations this morning, June 1. 

Students attend the exam at Ha Long city's Hon Gai High School.

According to the Department of Education and Training, Quang Ninh has 15,015 candidates attending the exam at 30 high schools. There are 653 exam rooms across the province.

The province has mobilized more than 2,100 officials, teachers, staff and security forces to ensure that this important examination will be successfully held.

Students take three tests in mathematics, literature and foreign language in their high-school entrance examinations. The test questions mainly cover material studied in the ninth grade, the highest grade of upper secondary level education in Vietnam.

Tien Yen High School hired a shuttle bus to transport candidates from remote areas to the test site.

Maths and literature tests are taken in written form over a duration of 120 minutes while the foreign language test combine both multiple choice and writing across 60 minutes.

The examination is scheduled to take place between June 1 and 3.

Students applying for Ha Long High School for gifted students will have to take another test in a subject of their choice.

Quang Yen town's Bach Dang High School.
Candidates at Tien Yen district's Tien Yen High School.
Students are reinformed about the exam rules before taking the test.

Police ensure traffic safety at each test site.
Voluntary students are ready to support candidates.

By QMG Reporters