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Mieu Ong - Mieu Ba Shrine Festival to open on April 8

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The two-day festival of Mieu Ong - Mieu Ba Shrine is scheduled to kick off at Son Hai hamlet in Ba Che district’s Nam Son commune on April 8.

Thi bơi thuyền bằng chân trên sông Ba Chẽ tại Lễ hội Miếu Ông - Miếu Bà năm 2020
A boat racing competion was held within the framework of the festival.

The festival included a range of traditional rituals such as procession, worshiping the village’s God, incensing, etc.

After these rituals, there were some interesting competitions such as stick pushing, tug of war, cock fighting, communal door singing and dancing, etc.

Located in Ba Che district, opposite to the banks of Ba Che river, the relic site of Mieu Ong - Mieu Ba has long become a venue for local religious ceremonies and pilgrimage routes. More river-based tourism products have currently been developed in this area.

The Mieu Ong and Mieu Ba temples are historical evidence of the Vietnamese people’s conquering nature, expanding their territory to the north while defending their sovereignty against foreign invaders.

Miếu Bà bên sông Ba Chẽ.
Mieu Ba worships the princess of forest (Mau Thuong Ngan)

Mieu Ba worships the princess of forest (Mau Thuong Ngan). According to folklore, she is the soul of mountains and rivers. Mieu Ong worships General Le Ba Duc, who was instrumental in defending King Tran Nhan Tong and his father Tran Thanh Tong from the Yuan-Mongol invaders when they took refuge in the area in early 1285.

Mieu Ong and Mieu Ba were recognized as provincial historical relics on June 23rd, 2013 and the province has approved historic zone planning with an area of 5 hectares, including Mieu Ong, Mieu Ba, some other pagodas and items in 2014.

After visiting these temples, tourists should enjoy a pleasant journey along  Ba Che river with stunning views of forests around, then they will have a sense of peace and comfort.

Tourists can also take a cruise on the Co Ngua River, listen to indigenous people telling the story about Lu Ton Chuong Island, or a primeval forest at the confluence of the river, which is home to the purest water source chosen to serve for sacred rituals in the annual Ong Mieu - Mieu Ba festival.

The tour also links to an ancient 1,000-square meter porcelain kiln at Moi Village, Nam Son commune. This kiln was excavated in 2009 with various kinds of items.

By Pham Hoc