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Mesmerizing music night “Quang Ninh - The journey of Desire ”

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On October 30, tiltled “Quang Ninh - The journey of Desire”, the performance night of the most outstanding songs among 60 music videos about Quang Ninh province attracted thousands of audiences.

The music night left great impressions on locals and tourists,

The music night was joinly held by the Quang Ninh Media Group (QMG), the Department of Culture and Information, and Ha Long city held at the square of October 30.

16 songs performed at the music night partially portrayed the image of a heroic Quang Ninh in a spirit of resilience in wartime and with the desire to overcome difficulties and make impressive breakthroughs in peacetime, a charming Quang Ninh with lots of  beauty spots and diverse cultural features as well as a friendly Quang Ninh with nice people.

The special music night is expected to spread the message full of pride in this home to the world heritage site among locals and tourists on the occasion of Quang Ninh's 60th founding anniversary.

The event was held at the square of October 30 overlooking the world heritage site, Ha Long Bay.
The song about the historical river of Bach Dang
The song "I'm proud to be a coal miner"
The song portrayed the image of the national flag on Bai Tho mountain.
A song reflected the pride in Quang Ninh
Ca sĩ Ngọc Anh - một ca sĩ Quảng Ninh tài năng với giọng hát đẹp thả tâm hồn và tình yêu quê hương vào ca khúc
Singer Ngoc Anh, a famous singer born in Quang Ninh, expressed her deep love for her hometown.
Singer Pham Thuy Dung described the natural beauty of Binh Lieu mountains and forests.
Singer Phuong Anh looked proud during her performance of the song about Ngoa Van mountain.
The song "A poem about Ha Long city"
Musician - singer Bui Tuan Ngoc (left) and singer Le Minh Ngoc performed his song "Who visits my hometown, Quang Ninh". The song won first prize in the Music category in the Competition for composing literary, artistic, and journalistic works.

The music night ended with the song "Quang Ninh flies up" - a composition by musician Le Dang Ve, expressing the belief and desire for a Quang Ninh that continues to develop in all fields in the future.

By Minh Ha - Do Phuong