Sun, 14th Jul 2024 21:47 (GMT +7)

“Going to the field” festival in Quang Yen to be recognized as intangible cultural heritage

Wednesday, 12/06/2024 | 15:38:51 [GMT +7] A  A

The “Going to the field” festival 2024 is going to take place between July 13 and 14 at Coc Temple by the Cua Dinh River, Quang Yen town. The festival will also receive the recognition as an intangible cultural heritage approved by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

A rice transplanting contest will be held during the festival.

The festival originated from a farm-work initiation ceremony and a sacrifice dedicated to the God of Earth. 

This is a traditional festival of local people. It is important to farmers whose work depends on nature. The festival originated from these things.

The Going to the field festival is organized on the first day of the sixth lunar month when rice seedlings begin to be transplanted. During the 2-day festival, after the official rite to worship the God of Agriculture and the Tutelary God at Coc Temple, the master of the ritual transplants the first rice seedlings in the rice field in front of the temple witnessed by all the villagers. 

A swimming competition was held in the Cua Dinh River in 2023. Photo: Nguyen Dung

A pole is erected in the middle of the field to drive ghosts and devils away. Following the ritual, all households in the village are allowed to go to their fields to begin cultivation.

Other activities during the festival include a swimming competition in the Cua Dinh River, a folk song contest, and a rice transplanting contest.

By Pham Tang