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Co To island: A jade pearl of the northeast region

Monday, 25/03/2024 | 00:39:56 [GMT +7] A  A

Co To island district often features in poetry and music thanks to its pristine and alluring charm, a gemstone of the country’s northeast region. Currently, the island has been coated with a fresh vitality and become an attractive tourist destination for domestic and international travellers.

DDaor 7 sao
The 7-star cluster of island
Đảo Cá Chép.
Ca Chep Islet
Bình minh Cô Tô.
Sunrise over Thanh Lan island
Giờ ra chơi của học sinh Trường Tiểu học thị trấn Cô Tô.
Children learning at the Co To town Primary School are playing at the school yard.
Quà của biển.
The happy smile of a woman living in fishing village
Cập bến.
Tourists arrive at the island to start their journey.

By QMG Reporters