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Bach Van waterfall - a journey to the wild

Friday, 30/09/2022 | 19:10:15 [GMT +7] A  A

Bach Van waterfall has currently become an alluring tourist attraction in Dam Ha district thanks to its prestine scenery. The locality has been encouraging more investment in this beauty spot to turn it into a must-visit destination in the future.

Bach Van warterfall

The waterfall is 10 kilometers away from the town centre of Dam Ha. It takes tourists 20 minutes to ride motorbikes from the downtown to this place along a route which looks like a silk streching across mountains, cinnamon hills, cassava and corn upland fields.

Standing on the foot of Bach Van Waterfall, nature-lovers are able to enjoy the charming beauty of the wild life and listening to the awesome sound of bubbling water singing the heroic song of the forest and mountain days and nights.

Standing on the peak of the waterfall, tourists can observe a panoramic picture of the wide forest and majestic mountains. The waterfall which still remains pristine and untouched by human beings creates a sketchy line in the charming ink painting.

Owning advantages to develop eco and experiential tourism, Dam Ha District has approved a project to invest in Tam Lang hamlet Tourism Zone. Under the proposed project expected to be launched and finished during the period of 2021-2025 , yellow flower tea garden combined with experiential tourism and an artificial lake and raising fish will be completed and put into operation. In addition, there will be a zone for preserving ethnic minority culture and an ecotourist area of Bach Van waterfall.

By Huu Viet