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Vinh Thuc Lighthouse - "The eye of the sea"

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Stunned on the top of Dau Tan mountain, north of Vinh Thuc island commune (Mong Cai), Vinh Thuc lighthouse is the first of more than 90 lighthouses stretching along an S-shaped strip of land. For more than half a century, Vinh Thuc lighthouse has always fulfilled its mission in the face of all dangers and difficulties.

Hải đăng Vĩnh Thực là điểm tham quan được nhiều người lựa chọn.
Vinh Thuc lighthouse is the first of more than 90 lighthouses stretching along an S-shaped strip of land.

From Mong Cai city’s Ngoc cape, locals and visitors can come to Vinh Thuc Island by high- speed boat within only 10 minutes. The optimal choice is roofless canoes that boast through silver waves when the weather is favorable, but it’s important for them to choose canoes with roofs and plastic curtains to block the waves on windy days.

On such a short journey though, one can have a great chance to see the exquisite beauty of the sea and sky and enjoy fresh air.

Đường lên hải đăng Vĩnh Thực.
Road to the lighthouse

Vinh Thuc Island covering an area of ​​5,000 hectares comprises two communes including Vinh Thuc and Vinh Trung. The number of population is over 4,000, most of the residents live by seafaring and farming.

The island remains unspoiled beauty and is considered as one of the most ideal getaways to escape from the chaos of modern life.

Vinh Thuc Island is also famous for its lighthouse which was built in 1962 and is located at an altitude of 86m above sea level. This lighthouse amazes visitors by its cylindrical light tower which is completely lit by solar energy. Two sides of the road leading to the lighthouse are covered by lush greenery and glorious bushes of wildflowers.

Nhiều du khách lựa chọn hải đăng là điểm du lịch check in chụp ảnh.
This is also an ideal check-in place for tourists.

The lighthouse is under the management of the Northeast Maritime Safety Enterprise, an affiliate of the Northern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation. Its design follows ancient French architectural style, consisting of two separate blocks in a very harmonious combination.

The lighthouses not only illuminate waterways at night, they also represent the maritime sovereignty of Vietnam. The lighthouses bring hope and spirit to fishermen and ship drivers, even in the worst weather conditions.

The journey to Vinh Thuc lighthouse is not only a fantastic trip to a stunning place but, more significantly, an expedition to the farthest site of the country so they visitors can experience how beauteous and brilliant our motherland.

By Pham Hoc