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Vietnam charts vision for sustainable, modern fisheries

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Vietnam aims to have a sustainable and modern fishery sector by 2050, with maritime and inland waters biodiversity preserved and local livelihoods improved.

Vietnam gives weight to protecting and developing aquatic resources. (Photo: baochinhphu)

Under a plan to transform the sector during the 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050 recently signed by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang, the country gives weight to protecting and developing aquatic resources, and targets to zone some 463,587 hectares, or 0.46% of the nation’s sea area, for the establishment of 27 protected marine areas by 2030.

Meanwhile, 149 marine areas and 119 inland sites will be designated to safeguard aquatic resources, breeding areas, and habitats for young aquatic animals.

As modernising fishing practices and restructuring the industry are also at the heart of the plan, a fleet of around 83,600 fishing vessels at the maximum will be developed and fishing activities adjusted, with trawling accounting for 10%, seine fishing 6.1%, gillnetting 40.3%, hook and line fishing 18.9%, among others.

The plan also lays an emphasis on consolidating and reforming fishery cooperatives and groups while encouraging them to produce in a value chain and pay due attention to increasing production value. Some 80% of the fishing vessels operating in coastal and offshore waters are envisaged to engage in a production chain by 2030.

By 2050, Vietnam expects to secure a sustainable and modern fishery sector comparable to other countries' in the region and the world, maritime and inland waters biodiversity conserved and developed, and the quality of people's material and spiritual life improved, helping ensure social security and protect the national sovereignty, security, order, and interests on river and at sea.

Source: VNA