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Sweet potato, banana and corn fritters: Hanoi's fried winter treats

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As the cold weather sets in, sweet potato fritters, banana fritters and corn fritters flow from roadside stalls, often near school gates. Customers often gather in groups and enjoy the steaming food as the seller fries more in a pan of smoking hot oil.

Sweet potato, banana and corn fritters: Hanoi's fried winter treats

Banana fritters are made by flattening a whole fruit, coating it in flour, and then deep-frying it until crispy on the outside. The bananas should be both sweet on the inside and not too ripe so that they lose their exterior sourness. The fritters should not be overly oily, and the crust should be crispy and hot when served.

Sweet potato fritters are made using thinly sliced sweet potatoes. Two to three slices of these sweet potatoes are dipped in a batter made from flour before frying them into fritters.

On the other hand, corn fritters involve a detailed process of separating corn kernels and mixing them with flour and sugar. They are then spooned into a hot frying pan for cooking.

These fritters not only appeal to eaters with their visually appealing yellow colour, but they also offer a combination of contrasting flavours. They incorporate the sweetness of sweet potatoes, corn or bananas, along with the crispy aroma of flour and a hint of spiciness from the chilli dipping sauce.

Source: Nhan Dan