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[In Photos] Truong Sa 571 ship connects mainland with beloved Truong Sa

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Ship 571 is considered a “soldier” among soldiers of Squadron 411, Brigade 955, Naval Region 4, tasked to transport goods, weapons, and equipment from the mainland to remote islands. The ship also regularly carries hundreds of domestic and international delegations to visit soldiers and people in the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago in Khanh Hoa Province.

Ship 571, a “soldier” of Squadron 411, Brigade 955, Naval Region 4.

Ship 571 and the group of soldiers on board successfully completed the tasks assigned by the Navy during the 21-day journey, carrying reporters to the Truong Sa archipelago.

Despite harsh weather due to the rough sea, ship 571 overcomes difficulties to bring love from the mainland to officers, soldiers and people on the Truong Sa archipelago.
The young soldiers have full knowledge and experience in operating and mastering the modern equipment on the ship.
Soldiers on the cockpit of ship 571.
Captain Le Vu Nham, Political Commissar of ship 571 and Major Phan Tien Dinh, Captain of ship 571, are waving goodbye to the mainland before departing for beloved Truong Sa.
Dawn on the sea.
Canoes are used to transport supplies from the ship to islands.
A shipment of goods and necessities to islands.
A canoe carries a working group to Song Tu Tay island to visit and pay Tet wishes to the soldiers and people living on the island.
Before and after each business trip, the Party cell on ship 571 always holds meetings to ensure the best performance for long-distance journeys.

Source: Nhan Dan