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Hanoi kicks off series of culture and tourism events in 2024

Monday, 11/03/2024 | 08:21:07 [GMT +7] A  A

The capital Hanoi held the “Get on Hanoi 2024” event on March 9 as the opening to more than 50 cultural and tourism events in 2024, with the highlight being a drone light show over the West Lake.

A performance in the "Get on Hanoi 2024" event.

In 2024, Hanoi plans to stage various events, including the Hanoi Tourism Festival, the Hanoi Tourism Gift Festival, the Hanoi Autumn Festival, the Hanoi Culinary Tourism Festival and the Hanoi Ao Dai Festival, helping to promote the image of the capital city to domestic and international friends.

The series of events aims to fulfil the goal of welcoming 27 million visitors to Hanoi in 2024, including 5.5 million foreign visitors.

As part of the programme, the Hanoi Government handed over a decision recognising the Nhat Tan Tourism Area as a city-level tourism site.

Nhan Tan has long been known for villages of peach blossoms and is among many famous scenic sites in Tay Ho District, such as Tran Quoc Temple and Tay Ho Palace.

On the night of March 9, the audience was treated to a special art programme with many dazzling performances, specifically a light show by 300 drones.

Other exhibition and art performance activities will continue on March 10.

Source: Nhan Dan