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Hang Ma Street bustles ahead of Mid-autumn festival

Monday, 29/08/2022 | 07:21:00 [GMT +7] A  A

Hang Ma Street in Hoang Kiem District, Hanoi, fills with festive ambience as Mid-autumn Festival nears.

Hang Ma Street begins to bustle ahead of Mid-autumn Festival

This year’s Mid-autumn festival is celebrated on September 10. However, according to owners of shops in Hang Ma, the street has been welcoming large numbers of visitors since mid-July.

Even on weekdays, the street is crowded with visitors from 7pm onwards, who come to check out the colourful street and shopping.

Toan, a shop owner in Hang Ma Street, shared that he was happy to see the street bustling again after two quiet years of being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The toys for the full-moon festival on sale at stalls in Hang Ma Street are varied in design and size, but traditional toys such as star-shaped lanterns, paper masks, small drums, and lion heads are still among the most sought-after toys among customers.

Hang Ma Street also draws great attraction from foreigners who are interested in discovering the traditional culture of Vietnam.

Source: Nhan Dan