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Pristine beauty of Ta Xua mountain peak

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Sa Mu-U Bo Peak in the Ta Xua Mountain Range has attracted more trekkers thanks to its pristine and breathtaking beauty.

The peak of Sa Mu-U Bo sits at an altitude of 2,865 metres above sea level and is some 100 kilometres from Son La City. It belongs to the Ta Xua special-use forest. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)
The road to the peak is seen as among the most attractive trails for mountain climbers. They can explore the untouched forests renowned for their exotic flowers and rare herbs. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)
Visitors can see the panoramic view of Bac Yen District and many famous sites in Son La when standing on the peak on a clear day. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)
The peak is bathed in tropical rainforest with moss, rhododendrons, maple trees, bamboo groves and numerous streams and waterfalls. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)
The maple leaves turn red and yellow between September and November, forming a picturesque scene. March and April are the seasons of the azalea flowers. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)
It is roughly 40 kilometres from the mountain climbing point in Xim Vang Commune in Bac Yen District to the peak of Sa Mu-U Bo. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)
Each tour of the mountain lasts two days and one night and costs VND3-4 million (USD120-160) per person. (Photo by Dreamer Trekking)

Sourcec: Dan Tri