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Party General Secretary’s address to the press after talks with US President

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General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Nguyen Phu Trong and US President Joe Biden met with the press following their talks in Hanoi on September 10 evening.

Party General Secretary speaks at the event. (Photo: NDO/Dang Khoa)

The following is a translation of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s address to the press.


Hanoi, September 10, 2023

Your Excellency Mr US President Joe Biden,

Your Distinguished Guests,

On behalf of the Party, State and people of Vietnam, I’d like to warmly welcome the US President, Mr Joe Biden, who has shown his special affections for Vietnam and Vietnamese people and in different positions of his diplomatic career, he has always given Vietnam his valuable support for the development of Vietnam – US friendship relations. His current visit to Vietnam coincides with the two countries’ 10 year- Comprehensive Partnership anniversary celebration.

I always treasure all the great memories about the US Government’s respectful reception and the warmth of American people for me when I visited the US in July 2015, especially the sincere and interesting discussions between Mr Joe Biden and me during that trip. I’d like to thank President Joe Biden for his invitation for me to make another visit to the US.

In the spirit of friendship, equality and with mutual understanding and respect, my talks with President Biden have brought about fruitful results. We’ve agreed that the Vietnam – US relations have gained mighty, deep, realistic and effective strides since the normalisation and the comprehensive partnership were established. On this occasion, on behalf of Vietnamese people, I would like to thank all American organisations and individuals that have supported Vietnam and contributed to the development of the two countries’ friendship and cooperation.

On that basis, for the benefit of the two countries’ people and the wish to strengthen cooperation for the targets of peace, cooperation and sustainable development in the new context, Mr President Joe Biden and I, on behalf of the two nations, adopted the Joint statement on establishing a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for peace, cooperation and sustainable development.

The partnership continues to base on the full respect for fundamental principles guiding the bilateral relationship in the coming time, including the respect for the United Nations Charter, international law and each other’s political institutions, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We emphasised that the understanding of each other and each other's situation, respect for each other's legitimate interests and non-interference into each other's internal affairs are always of important significance. Vietnam highly values and treasures the US's affirmation to support a “strong, independent, self-reliant and prosperous” Vietnam.

The contents of the new partnership inherit existing cooperation contents between the two countries, and take them to a higher level through the promotion of economic, trade, investment cooperation in the direction that renovation is the foundation, focal point and motivation for the bilateral relations, and the enhancement of cooperation in science-technology is a new breakthrough of the Vietnam-US Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for peace, cooperation and sustainable development. In the time to come, relevant agencies of the two nations will work together to realise the reached agreements, creating conditions for the next development steps.

Vietnam promotes relations with the US and other international partners in the spirit outlined by President Ho Chi Minh after Vietnam regained independence, which is Vietnam is a friend of all countries. Regarding the US, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed Vietnam's complete independence and Vietnam's willingness to fully cooperate with the US. The independence and cooperation are beneficial to the whole world. We all know that in many following years and months, the Vietnamese people went through uncountable sacrifice and hardship to defend the nation's independence and regain unification.

The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam also the set the policy on strengthening and deepening bilateral cooperative relations in the framework of the consistent foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation and development, diversification and multilateralisation of external relations; Vietnam is a friend, a trustworthy partner as well as an active and responsible member of the international community.

Mr. President Joe Biden and me informed each other about the situation of the two countries, expressing appreciation of the efforts and positive results achieved in socio-economic development in each country. Regarding complex situations and international conflicts, Vietnam hopes that the parties engage in dialogues, resolve those peacefully on the basis of respecting the fundamental principles of international law and the United Nations Charter.

I hope that through this important and meaningful visit, Mr. President, other members of the delegation and all of you will have the opportunity to get first-hand feelings of the renewal, dynamic development, long history of civilisation of Vietnam, as well as the affectionate, hospitable, friendly and peace-loving Vietnamese people.

I believe that President Joe Biden’s visit to Vietnam will be a great success. I wish Mr. President new successes and wish you, members of the delegation, those present here and their families good health and happiness.