Wed, 29th Nov 2023 16:11 (GMT +7)

Spring flowers give Ha Long city a festive air

Tuesday, 10/01/2023 | 11:11:08 [GMT +7] A  A

The final days of the lunar year have seen various kinds of spring flowers being displayed and sold in many streets throughout Ha Long city. Lots of locals have currently prepared for the largest festival in Vietnam, Tet.

Flower growers and traders start to display and sell peach blossoms.
Peach blossoms, an integral part of spring in Northern Vietnam.
The pink color of peach blossoms is believed to bring about a new source of vibrant energy to the family, including glory, love, joy and happiness for the upcoming year.
Some traders say that the price of these symbolic plants seems the same as that in the previous year.
The current price of a peach plant ranges from VND 2.5 to 20 million VND depending on its own size and shape.
Kumquat trees are also available. Big trees are between VND 1,7 million and VND 3 million.
Small ones cost from VND 300-400 thousand VND/tree.
A variety of colorful orchids attract many customers.

There are also plenty of decorative flower pots.
The color of spring flowers on the street gives the entire city a festive air.

By Minh Duc