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DEEP C Quang Ninh’s modern and green industrial marvel

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Targeting to build a multi-sector industrial area to engage high-tech and environmentally friendly projects along with seaport development, DEEP C Industrial Zones Quang Ninh is creating an ideal rendezvous for investors.

DEEP C Quang Ninh

Well-known for its geographical advantage, Quang Ninh province has geared up to become a regional trading hub and a driving force for development in northern Vietnam with the attraction of innovation and sustainable projects.

With two industrial zones (IZs) in Quang Ninh, forming DEEP C IZ at the epicentre of the region’s manufacturing and infrastructure boom, DEEP C Quang Ninh has been strongly supported by the provincial authorities.

Especially with the great potential and strengths of deepwater seaports, Quang Ninh has successfully formed its seaport, logistics, and industrial complexes. With the two key IZs of Bac Tien Phong and Nam Tien Phong in Quang Yen coastal economic zone, DEEP C provides reliable and sustainable all-in-one IZ and port infrastructure for investors both expanding and operating in Vietnam, integrating a dedicated petro-chemical park and a built-in seaport complex.

Last month, the ceremony of laying the first stone to build a service complex for Bac Tien Phong IZ in Quang Yen town took place. The complex will further improve DEEP C’s customer service quality and provide modern facilities that can organise meaningful community activities for businesses and workers in the IZ.

This is also an important initiative in DEEP C’s sustainable development strategy on the path to becoming the first eco-IZ in Vietnam.

With a series of amenities, the service complex is being built with environmental improvements that reduce carbon emissions, improve the quality of life for users, and help the project achieve LEED standards for green buildings. As DEEP C’s first project to achieve LEED certification, this project marked an important step forward in the company’s sustainable development journey.

Along with the orientation of developing Bac Tien Phong and Nam Tien Phong into seaport IZs, DEEP C is looking to attract several investors in port infrastructure and port services. Secondary financiers are negotiating to reach an agreement to cooperate with DEEP C in this regard.

With the province’s overall solutions, improving infrastructure in IZs is also one of the important factors for Quang Ninh to complete its goal of attracting $1.5 billion of capital into such areas in 2023. At the same time, they will continue to develop the DEEP C IZs in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and highly economical way.

Thus far, Bac Tien Phong IZ has attracted $2.6 billion in projects on automotives, magnets, electronics, chemicals, and others. Some highlighted projects include the Stavian Quang Yen petrochemical plant funded by Stavian Chemical JSC, and Hung Yen Port with a total capital of up to $1.5 billion.

DEEP C’s seaport infrastructure is connected smoothly with Lach Huyen Seaport in Haiphong through the Chanh River route. The 13km Chanh River dredging project is also a significant investment for Quang Ninh that is hoped will transform the area into a major logistics hub for northern Vietnam.

After completion, the project will contribute to creating faster and safer inland traffic. The development plan will also help sharply reduce inland transportation costs, promote regional logistics development, and improve Quang Ninh’s competitiveness.

In tandem with Vietnam’s seaport system strategy towards 2030, DEEP C’s integrated seaport infrastructure will serve general cargo and liquid cargo ships with a tonnage of up to 50,000DWT. The IZ infrastructure is funded and built professionally to create a high-quality logistics ecosystem with the general and liquid cargo system linking with IZs.

Bruno Jaspaert, general director of DEEP C Industrial Zones, said, “DEEP C’s goal is not only to draw in investment. We want to build a business community that shares sustainable values, through the development of an eco-IZ model. In the coming period, we will continue to focus on renewable energy projects, developing industrial symbiosis opportunities in IZs and recycling solutions to bring environmental, economic, and social benefits to both DEEP C and the community.”

Source: VIR