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Vietnamese steamed rice rolls one of world's 10 must-try dishes

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Australian magazine Traveller has named banh cuon (steamed rice paper rolls) one of world’s 10 best dishes to try along with Japan’s sushi and Malaysia’s Sarawak Laksa noodle soup.

Vietnamese steamed rice rolls one of world's 10 must-try dishes
A plate of steamed rice rolls goes with a bowl of sausage dipped in fish sauce, and herbs, at a stall in Hanoi. Photo by Nick M

"There's a certain magic to the way these big sheets of steamed rice noodles are made, before they're wrapped around savory fillings and served with herbs and sauce," the magazine said about Vietnam’s banh cuon.

Banh cuon is a traditional Vietnamese dish that is always overshadowed by the omnipresent banh mi or pho.

To make banh cuon, a thin noodle sheet is steamed on a thin layer of fabric placed over a pot of boiling water. The sheets are then filled with minced pork and served with cha lua (Vietnamese pork bologna), fried rice powder cake and a sweet dipping fish sauce.

The dish ranges from VND25,000-VND50,000 ($1.05-$2.11) per serving.

Other dishes included in the list were Spain’s grilled turbot, America’s Oklahoma smash burger, Mexico’s Mole Negro, Sri Lanka’s Short Eats, Italy’s Ragu Napoletano, Australia’s duck sausage sanga and Iran’s crispy rice dish Tahdig.

Source: VnExpress