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Quang Ninh Province: Turn cuisine to tourism product

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Quang Ninh Province is a land with a rich and diverse cultural identity with many ethnic groups living together. Therefore, the Northeast leading land of the country also possesses the advantage of culinary value from the sea to the highlands, borders and islands.

Grilled Shrimp – a famous speciality of Quang Yen (Photo: quangninh.gov.vn)

Acknowledging clearly the potentials and advantages, simultaneously upholding the value of cuisine, Quang Ninh has been developing cuisine into a typical and attractive tourism product alongside its unique and magnificent natural landscapes, impressive and one-of-a-kind destinations throughout the province.

Ha Long - Quang Ninh Cuisine Festival recently organised at the Tuan Chau International Tourism Area is one of the activities attracting both domestic and international visitors in Quang Ninh. Through the festival and competition, Quanh Ninh tourism industry wishes to build up diversified products, attracting visitors all over the world.

The Ha Long - Quang Ninh Cuisine Festival gathered display booths introducing cuisine and typical dishes of Quang Ninh. In which, OCOP products, Quang Ninh’s dishes made from agriculture, forestry, seafood ingredients including Ha Long squid Cha, Quang Yen fermented rolls, golden flower tea, hundreds of cakes and traditional dishes of localities in Quang Ninh Province such as Tien Yen cake, 5-colour sticky rice of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas… These have been loved by people and visitors.

Besides, Quang Ninh invited localities across the country to join festival with typical dishes from 3 regions from Ha Noi, Bac Kan, Bac Giang, Hue, Binh Phuoc, Dak Lak, etc. The festival has brought visitors a perfect in-side-out party, an engaging cuisine space that can wake up the sensation and vision, and brought visitors into a journey of cuisine exploration of Quang Ninh in particular and 3 regions North - Central - South in general.

Throughout 3 days of event, the festival attracted experiences of thousands of domestic and international visitors including athletes, fans and sporting delegations from the 31st SEA Games in Quang Ninh.

In addition, the province also held the OCOP fair - a place to introduce, promote, display and sell many specialties, products, and regional dishes of Quang Ninh.

According to the Quang Ninh Portal, Quang Ninh OCOP Fair - Summer 2022 has attracted more than 45 thousands of visitors coming, shopping and enjoying the cuisine culture, with the revenue reaching VND 14 billions. In which, attractive products are Van Don and Co To seafood; products from Mong Cai pork; Dong Trieu milk cakes; chicken, Tien Yen marinated pork; herbal products of Cam Pha, Ba Che… The Quang Ninh OCOP Fair - Summer 2022 has the scale of 227 booths introducing and selling 499 typical and prominent products of Quang Ninh and over 750 products of 41 domestic provinces and cities. The OCOP Fair has left a remarkable impression for visitors.

Now when travelling, visitors not only enjoy the wonderful and attractive destinations, but also experience the culinary culture, enjoy the dishes and specialties of the regions, then buy those products as gifts for relatives, family and friends.

Source: vietnamtourism.gov.vn