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[In pictures] Vietnam meet World No.2 team

Thursday, 29/06/2023 | 08:38:31 [GMT +7] A  A

The Vietnamese national women's football team had an impressive performance and only lost 1-2 against Germany, in an important friendly match preparing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup final round.

Germany’s starting line-up. (Source: DFB)
The starting line-up of Vietnam. (Source: DFB)
In this match, Germany attacked from the beginning and opened the scoring in the 3rd minute by Pauling Krumbiegel. (Source: DFB)
The joy of the home team after an early goal. (Source: DFB)
After that, the world No. 2 team continued to dominate against Vietnam. (Source: DFB)
Outside the field, coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg constantly urged her students to continue to attack. (Source: DFB)
Faced with great pressure, Vietnamese girls did not lose spirit and showed high determination. (Source: DFB)
Coach Mai Duc Chung’s students also created dangerous opportunities towards the home team. (Source: DFB)
The match between the two teams received great attention from German fans. (Source: DFB)
...and the Vietnamese community in Germany. (Source: DFB)
However, Vietnam remained calm to create dangerous opportunities. (Source: DFB)
Even the Vietnamese team should have had an equalizer if the shot had been more accurate. (Source: DFB)
In the 80th minute, the net of the Vietnamese team shook for the second time, after Janina Minge’s finish. (Source: DFB)
The German team celebrated for the second time in this match. (Source: DFB)
However, before the match ended, the Vietnamese team had a goal after Thanh Nha’s decisive finish. (Source: DFB)
Source: Nhan Dan