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In Pictures: Dreamy forests in dry season of Central Highlands

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The Central Highland region is entering the peak period of the dry season when thousands of hectares of 'khop' forests (forests with typical Dipterocarpaceae plants that only exist in Southeast Asia) along the border areas of the Central Highland provinces change leaves.

Khop is a type of forest consisting of sparse trees with leaves falling in the dry season. They exist only in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, the Central Highlands is the only region that has khop forests, focused mainly in Yok Don National Park and the border areas of Dak Lak Province and Dak Nong Province.

Some beautiful images from a khop forest in Dak Lak Province:

The species of trees in the khop forest are mostly typical Dipterocarpaceae plants. Every year, in the dry season, the trees in the khop forest change their leaves to start a new growing season.
The season when khop forest changes their leaves is also the most beautiful season of the year in this region.
During the dry season, the whole khop forest turns yellow and then leaves dry and fall.
Some other species in khop forest also bloom during the leaf change season.
When the trees in the khop forest bloom in the leaf change season, many species of bees come to suck nectar.
The enchanting beauty of the khop forest in the leaf changing season attracts many photographers.
Many young people are also excited by the beauty of the khop forest in the dry season.
After changing leaves, many plants in the khop forest sprout strongly on the arid land.
A species of plant in theforest after changing its green leaves amidst the hot and dry weather.
Source: Nhan Dan