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Green living at Ha Long Green Life

Wednesday, 17/05/2023 | 15:06:27 [GMT +7] A  A

Having been established since 2019, Ha Long Green life Ha Long has emerged as a tourist attraction that bring visitors, especially foreingers, distinct impression about a green way of living.  

Green life Ha Long Cooperative was founded in December 2019 at  Group 27, Zone 3, Ha Khau Ward, Ha Long City by Green Hub Green Development Support Center.

The cooperative focuses on collecting waste products, mainly plastic waste, which are recycled into useful ones. These significant activities not only make great contributions to environmental protection but also generate more jobs for local people.

Plants are grown in old car tires or discarded boat buoys.
Old curtains are collected for recycling.
Old jeans are resewed into bags, backpacks, and rice bags.

It is scientifically proven that it takes from 20-40 years, even hundreds of years for fabrics to be decomposed. By recycling, Green life Ha Long has added a meaningful life cycle to old clothes and rags.
These products are made from plastic waste and old canvas.
Tables and chairs are also recycled from old car tires and discarded boat buoys.
Environmental protection messages at Ha Long Green Life.
Green Life Ha Long's green living model has become a stopover for many tourists, especially children and foreign tourists.
Visitors seem excited about recycled products.
... and decide to buy these products.
Green Life welcomes tourists everyday.
The message of green living is spread to the community.

By Hoang Quy