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Breakfast around the world: Three Vietnamese favorites make the cut

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Vietnam's beef stew, beef noodle soup, and broken rice with grilled pork are among the international food magazine TasteAtlas's top 100 best breakfasts worldwide.

TasteAtlas compiled this list based on a combination of diner preferences and expert opinions, with over 26,000 ratings as of May 15.

Ranked at number 23, bo kho is a Vietnamese beef stew that can be enjoyed on its own, with a baguette, or over noodles, accompanied by fresh herbs. The stew features diced beef and carrots, simmered in a spicy broth.

At number 50 on the list is bun bo Hue – a spicy beef noodle soup.

Bun bo Hue is served with fresh herbs and chili in Hue, central Vietnam. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Tran

This breakfast staple consists of a pork and beef bone broth, noodles, and sliced brisket or crab balls. Originating from the city of Hue, the soup's exact history is believed to have royal origins, influenced by the cuisine of the imperial court.

Taking number 70 is com tam suon - broken rice with grilled pork, a breakfast dish from southern Vietnam.

It features grilled pork marinated in lemongrass and fish sauce, served over broken rice. The dish is often topped with stir-fried scallions and pickles and accompanied by fish sauce for dipping.

A plate of broken rice topped with grilled pork, egg meatloaf, cucumber slices and pickle. Photo by VnExpress/Di Vy

Topping the list is Turkey’s kahvalti, a meal that showcases an expansive array of dishes, including cheeses, olives, vegetables, breads, eggs, sweet pastries, and more, accompanied by hot beverages such as Turkish tea.

Following are bougatsa, a Greek pie consisting of phyllo pastry layered with a filling of semolina custard, and Malaysia’s roti canai, a pan-fried flatbread made with flour, water, eggs, and fat.

Source: VnExpress