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Red River cultural park to create new space for Hà Nội

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Turning the mudflats in the middle and along the Hồng (Red) River into a multi-purpose cultural park will create an open space for Hà Nội, connecting the community with nature, as the river is associated with the formation and development of the city, experts said.

A corner of the mudflats in the middle of the Red River. VNA Photo

With an area of about 328ha in the middle of the Red River and about 63.2ha of sandbank, the areas are located in the four districts of Hoàn Kiếm, Ba Đình, Tây Hồ and Long Biên.

They have great potential to become an attractive ecological and cultural space for not only city dwellers but also tourists.

As the mudflats in the middle of and along the river are not far from the city’s centre, they can connect with cultural space of the Old Quarter as well as flower-growing villages of Tây Hồ and Long Biên District.

According to Dương Đức Tuấn, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee, under Hà Nội’s Master Plan to 2030, with a vision to 2050, which has been approved by Prime Minister, the Red River is set to be a main landscape axis, which along with the West Lake-Cổ Loa, will form an open and green space for the city’s central urban area.

As Hà Nội is a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, the development of the mudflats is being accelerated to create an architectural landscape with a creative cultural park.

Relevant agencies have been authorised to study the project on “developing mudflats in the middle and along the Red River into a multi-purpose cultural park,” he added.

Both Nguyễn Mạnh Hà, director of the Centre for Nature Conservation and Development, and Lê Quang Bình, a coordinator of the For a Liveable Hà Nội Network, agreed said that the mudflats need to be zoned off and managed in an environmental friendly and sustainable manner.

It is necessary to consider livelihood transformation and integrate people's activities into the city's development planning, they continued.

This area is suitable for ecological spaces with natural recovery, said Nguyễn Toàn Thắng, head of Hoàn Kiếm district’s urban management division.

Thus, the project aims to effectively tap the potential and natural beauty of the river, creating an open and green space as an attractive destination for locals and visitors, he said, adding this is also an opportunity to lure investors and startups to develop cultural and historical values towards forming a comprehensive creative model not only for Hanoi but also for the country.

Source: Vietnam News