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[Pictures] Vietnamese food and music party in Paris

Thursday, 22/06/2023 | 14:41:21 [GMT +7] A  A

Monge Square in the 5th district of Paris became more vibrant than usual thanks to the 3rd annual ‘Ici Vietnam’ festival held on June 17, an interesting destination for the Vietnamese community, Parisians and international friends who love Vietnamese food and culture.

A Vietnamese cultural party with booths promoting the rich and diverse cuisine of Vietnam. (Photo: MINH DUY)
The event brings together more than 20 food stalls run by restaurants, bars, and distributors, that are familiar with the Vietnamese community in France, giving visitors the most unique culinary experiences. (Photo: MINH DUY)
Traditional coffee and green tea are popular drinks for tourists, alongside famous Vietnamese beers. (Photo: MINH DUY)
The Ici Vietnam 2023 attracts a large number of visitors, including many families, to experience delicious Vietnamese dishes. (Photo: MINH DUY)
Children play with traditional Vietnamese lanterns. (Photo: MINH DUY)
Visitors enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes. (Photo: MINH DUY)
Many special dishes of Vietnam are introduced at this year’s festival. (Photo: MINH DUY)
French-Vietnamese DJs perform at the central stage, bringing a vibrant music space for visitors. (Photo: MINH DUY)
Vietnamese book space features special publications for book lovers and Vietnam lovers. (Photo: MINH DUY)
Source: Nhan Dan