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Northeastern culture and sports festival highlighted local ethinic cultures

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On August 28, the fourth Week of Culture and Sports of ethnic minority groups in the Northeast of Quang Ninh Province wrapped up in Tien Yen district.

Các diễn viên chuẩn bị lên sân khấu.
The closing ceremony

Culture and Sports Week is also among the activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Quang Ninh Province and the 75th anniversary of the first Party cell of Tien Yen district.

The event saw the participation of nine localities in the province, including Tien Yen, Ba Che, Binh Lieu, Dam Ha, Hai Ha, Van Don, and Co To Districts, in addition to Mong Cai City and Ha Long City. Three localities of Lang Son province, namely Lang Son city, Dinh Lap district, and Cao Loc district also attended the event. 

Within the framework of the ceremony, the 4th Culture and Sports Week for ethnic groups  with the theme "Tien Yen - A link to diverse colors of ethnic groups in the Northeastern region" was held on August 23-27. 

Chương trình được thiết kế hoành tráng với đông đảo các nghệ sĩ diễn viên quần chúng tham gia.
The program attracted the participation of a large number of professional and amateur artists.

The opening ceremon featured hundreds of actors, actresses and artisans from different localities inside and outside the province. 

The unique performances which highlighted the strengths, traditional festivals as well as diverse cultural and artistic characteristics of the ethnic people in the Northeastern region of Quang Ninh province left locals and tourists with distinct impression. 

During the week, highlights include traditional music performances, traditional costume shows, photo and painting exhibitions, boat racing, folk games, a trade fair on local products, etc. 

Biểu diễn trang phục truyền thống.
Models presented traditional costumes and new creations with traditional elements during a fashion show.

Đua thuyền truyền thống trên sông Tiên Yên.
A traditional boat racing on Tien Yen river.

Ban Giám khảo chấm thi nội dung ẩm thực.
A banquet making contest
Giải nhất toàn đoàn hội thi thể thao dân tộc thiểu số thuộc về đoàn Bình Liêu.
Ethnic minority sports competition

By Pham Hoc