Wed, 22nd May 2024 16:38 (GMT +7)

Ha Long Carnival: Impressive "Bright with wonder" art show

Monday, 29/04/2024 | 14:39:38 [GMT +7] A  A

The 2024 Ha Long Carnival Festival has left numerous locals and tourists deep impressions due to the spectacular beauty of its art show.

A symbol of "sacred dragons" is formed by the drones.
The real-life performances "Fishing Village" and "Sea Men" on the stage stretching across the sand and sea surface highlighted the unique features of ancient Ha Long fishing culture.
Unique cultural features, lovely and idyllic images of the ancient Ha Long coastal fishing village are reflected on stage.
The performance shows local people's love to the land of Ha Long.
Busy and bustling scences of Van Don Trading Port and the Northeast sea and islands in the past.

Quang Ninh has long become a land of convergence and interference of many traditional Asian and European cultural beauties.

A festive atmosphere
The stage comprises 3 areas: on sand, shallow water and deep water.

The program incorporates elements of musical theater art, harmoniously combining with history and culture to highlight the values of the Ha Long Bay natural heritage.
Joyful and inspirational performances
Various famous singers and artists participating in the show were born in Quang Ninh.
The show features performances and parades on both the sea and sandy shores.
Splendid drone light show
Bright with Wonder
Welcome to Ha Long

By Minh Ha - Do Phuong