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Digital technology to be used to preserve folk literature works

Wednesday, 01/03/2023 | 09:37:04 [GMT +7] A  A

The Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to approve a project on preserving and upholding the value of folk literature of ethnic minorities till 2030.

Illustrative image (Photo: VNA)

The project aims to raise public awareness of the effort, especially among ethnic minorities while popularising folk literature works on the mass media and via regular activities at cultural establishments.

At the same time, modern technology, especially digital technology, will be adopted to collect, preserve, restore, uphold and popularise outstanding works, particularly those at high risk of falling into oblivion.

During 2023-2026, the project will focus on collecting and conducting annual reviews to compile a list of intangible cultural heritages related to folk literature of ethnic minorities.

Accordingly, it looks to collect, digitalise and publish 40% of folk literature works; preserve and complete the documentation of 40% of others at risk of oblivion, offer financial support to 50% of authors and artisans in intangible cultural heritage and folk literature of ethnic minorities in particular, and provide training for 50% of civil servants, cultural officials, artists, folk authors, village elders, village chiefs, and respected individuals.

There will be 3-5 folklore clubs or ethnic minority folk art teams in a local village to provide a platform for practising, performing, and preserving various genres of folk literature.

During 2027-2030, 80% of the above goals are expected to be completed.

Source: Nhan Dan